(For my friend, J.)

Why put up a fence

between two houses

whose occupants have the same last name?


In more than

a thousand square meter expanse

where grass extends as one carpet

below your feet


where each tile over your head

is the same carve

as an identical twin


a fence would only be a nuisance

to eyes spanning  the length

of a Victorian abode.


From left to right in panorama

there should be no boundary

cutting across the congruent stretch.


Shouldn’t there be the same type of bushes,

the same shade of bougainvilleas,

the same number of orchids and dancing ladies

in uniform pots

that carry soil from a common ground?


There will be no fence, my friend,

to shield yourself

from the oneness that insists.


So, step inside and lock the door

whose every grain is in the likeness

of the other,

shut the windows

and be free.

Photo taken by Jose Paolo Prado (house in Melaka, Malaysia)

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